5 Things We Love About Portland

1. The Food Scene
Portland is known for its incredible food scene, with everything from delicious food carts to fine dining options available. The city is particularly famous for its recent James Beard award winning chefs, restaurants, eclectic craft beer, coffee, and brunch culture. Whether you’re looking for vegan cuisine or an authentic farm-to-table experience, Portland has you covered.

2. The Natural Beauty
Beyond the city limits, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest is on full display in Portland. With easy access to the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood National Forest, and the Oregon Coast, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. From hiking to skiing to kayaking, there’s always something new to explore.

3. The Sense of Community
Portland has a welcoming and friendly community that values inclusivity and diversity. There are numerous neighborhood events, farmers markets, and street fairs that offer a chance to meet new people and get involved in the city’s culture.

4. The Creative Culture
Portland is a hub for creativity, with a thriving arts scene and a focus on innovation. Many local businesses prioritize sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, making it easy to support local artists and artisans while still feeling good about your purchases.

5. The Cost of Living
Compared to other major cities on the, the cost of living in Portland is relatively affordable. Housing costs are lower than in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, and there’s no sales tax in Oregon.

Ultimately, Portland is a city that has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a welcoming community, natural beauty, vibrant culture, and affordable living, it’s time to consider moving to the City of Roses.

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