Portland Condos – Reasons to sell your condo during the Holiday!

Portland condo selling Thinking of selling your condo in Portland, but waiting until the Spring selling season?  Here are some reasons why selling your Portland condo during the Holiday season might be beneficial.   

There are less Portland condos on the market than in other seasons, giving buyers less inventory to view thus increasing the value of your Portland condo.

  1. Buyers who are viewing condos this time of year are serious about buying thus more qualified buyers.
  2. Buyers have more time off work which gives them more time to view condos
  3. Buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays which means paying possibly a higher price for a Portland condo they love.
  4. If you sell your condo in Portland now you will have less stress than in the spring when you might be looking for a new condo.
  5. Companies do their major transferring of employees to Portland during this time to start the new year and will be needing a new condo in Portland.
  6. Holiday decorations can add warmth and charm to your condo.
  7. Buyers may be looking for a new condo for tax reasons before the year ends.

If you are thinking about selling your condo check out our selling page on Portlandscondos.com!


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