Portland Condos – Reasons to buy a Portland Condo during the Holidays!

Portland condos buying in the holidaysWhy buy a Portland Condo during the holidays?  While avoiding the competition during the holidays you can benefit from lower condo prices and motivated sellers, better mortgage rates and tax deductions for a new purchase of a condo in Portland, Oregon.

Less competition with other condo buyers could mean lower prices

Sellers tend to be more serious about selling their Portland condo during the holidays

Lower interest rates on a new mortgage for your condo purchase as lenders have less request for mortgages during this time.

Closing of a Portland Oregon condo could be faster due to fewer transactions of condo sells.  Lenders also want to close their books at the end of the year and may be more inspired to close your Portland condo purchase more quickly.

Enjoy your summer vacation without needing to worry about purchasing a Portland condo.  Lock the doors of your new condo in Portland and enjoy our beautiful summers here in Portland!

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