Portland condos – Ideas for a narrow condo!

Portand condos for sale ideasIs your Portland Condo a long room with a large window or balcony at the end? Many of our condos in Portland have this floor plan to maximize units in the building.

We see this floor plan in both our older converted warehouses such as the Marshall-Wells or The Avenue loft condos in the Pearl District and also in some of our more modern Portland condo buildings such as The Elizabeth lofts condos and Bridgeport Condos which looks like the first one of these photos is a picture of. Here are some great tips from Houzz.com on how make these floor plans appear not to be so long and narrow.

  1. Keep the foot traffic to one side. I can see how this would work in many of our Portland condos where you would arrange sofa and coffee table to one side as not to send the foot traffic in between. I have seen this done in some of our Pearl District Portland condos and lofts such as condos in the Edge Lofts condos.Portand condos for sale ideas
  2. This photo places furniture in a corner arrangement with the foot traffic crossing over the open space. This furniture placement would work in some of our Portland Oregon condos that have the patio to one side of the main window such as those in The Atwater Condos in South Waterfront, Park Place Condos in the Pearl District, The Eliot Condos in Downtown Portland, or The Westerly Condos in Northwest Portland.Portland Condos for sale ideas
  3. Use a small loveseat or dresser at the end of the room to help stop the eye. Without the loveseat in front of the big window it would feel like the room went on forever. This could be used in lots of Portland Oregon condos such as those in Irving Street Lofts Condos in the Pearl District where they have large windows at the end of the open space but some concrete wall below that would be great for furniture.Portland condos for sale ideas
  4. Put some furniture on an angle. I have seen this used in some of the Portland condos in the Waterfront Pearl Condos just south of the Pearl District. Many of our condos in Portland are much longer than wide giving it a shot gun look where angling furniture could break up the long straight lines.Portland condos for sale ideas
  5. Use circular furniture such as coffee table and dining tables. Balancing the straight lines with some curves could counteract the linear feeling you get in some of our condos here in Portland that are more narrow than deep such as those units in The Bridgeport Condos and Streetcar lofts Condos in the Pearl District and The Benson Condos in Downtown Portland or The John Ross Condos and The Atwater Condos in South Waterfront south of Downtown Portland along the river.Portland condos for sale ideas

Some other great ideas are narrower coffee tables perhaps in a soft material such as a rectangle ottoman would help the scale of the room. I have seen some condos in Portland put shelves and such higher on the walls that allows for placement of furniture underneath.

Lots of wonderful for many of our condos here in Portland Oregon do have this floor plan and placing furniture, rugs and accessories in a pleasing manner can make the space seem wider. Whether you are looking to purchase a condo or living in a Portland condo now these are some great ideas. For a complete list of condos for sale in Portland Oregon, click here.



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