Portland Condos – Ideas from a Marshall-Wells loft condo in Portland Oregon

  Portland condos for sale In the Marshall Wells Portland Condos. A great article from Houzz.com about a loft at the Marshall Wells lofts condos in Portland Oregon in the Pearl District. These ideas can work well in many of our Portland condos loft historical buildings such as The Avenue Lofts condos, Chown Pella Lofts Condos, City Lofts Condos and Irving Street Lofts condos all located in one of Portland’s famous condo and loft neighborhood, The Pearl District.

This article shows lots of fun ideas to incorporate if you are thinking of purchasing a condo in Portland Oregon or perhaps already own one.  Many of the items were antiques from this condo owners’ family but also they visited many of our fun antique shops here in Portland and just a bit south in Aurora. Also, mentioned is an idea to add storage as many of our lofts and condos in Portland lack some storage so this idea of building storage from components from IKEA is great. I see many great storage ideas while showing condos in Portland Oregon where the condo have wide open spaces such as in the Edge Lofts or Streetcar Lofts condos in the Pearl District or The Elliot lofts condos in Downtown Portland or John Ross Condos in South Waterfront. Creativity is abundant with our condos in Portland which lends for some great storage idea which this condo owner even used a lined crate and basket for recycling and an old metal cupboard she found at Star’s Antiques Mall from the east side for hallway storage.  Whether you are renting, owning or looking to purchase a condo in Portland Oregon these are some great ideas to use in your own Portland condo. For a completed search of Portland Condos click here.

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