Portland Condos design ideas for your Portland Condo – Waterfront Pearl

Thinking about purchasing a Portland condo at Waterfront Pearl Condominiums? What great condo buildings here which are two, 10 story towers, The Mistral & The Azure in Portland Oregon.  Many of these Portland condos enjoy wonderful views of the Willamette River or a Portland City view.

Below are some ideas from Houzz.com that are great as Waterfront Pearl Condos have been different floor plans which make for much diversity in design for these condos in Portland. Some of the condos in Waterfront Pearl have floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the river but many of the owners want just as beautiful interior too which these photos have great inspiration. As the condos at Waterfront Pearl have different floor plans some are a bit more narrow with less windows which in some of these photos you can see a wall full of mirrors add natural light from the reflection creating an illusion of a much brighter condo.

Portland condos waterfront Pearl condos for sale This idea came from Houzz.com Spectacular Designs showing a great idea for giving some useable space with a desk and table yet keep the great open view of this condo at Waterfront Pearl.  Many of these Portland Condos have a wonderful view of the river.  These Portland condo building were designed as two ships which give many of the condos views up and down the Willamette River.  Most of these Portland Condos also have balcony’s with views of the River… to enjoy watching the ships go by!



Portland condos for sale Waterfront PearlAnother idea from Spectacular Designs here in Portland Oregon for a condo at Waterfront Pearl Condominiums.  This photo shows ideas for an angle spaces  yet does not distract from the floor to ceiling windows which these condos in Portland boost views of both the river and city.  Many of the Portland condos at Waterfront Pearl have angles because of its design which allows for very creative use of space.





Portland condos for sale Waterfront PearlThe next few photos came from Garrison Hullinger Designs showing ideas of how to use a more narrow floor plan.  Many of not only condos at Waterfront Pearl but many of our other Portland Condos have more of a narrow floor plan with a large window at the end such as we see at The Edge Lofts and Park Place in the Pearl District, Benson Towers or the Eliot Towers in Downtown Portland or Atwater Condos or John Ross Condos in South Waterfront.  These two photos shows a great way to design these spaces.



Portland condos for sale design ideasI really like this Portland condo design idea with the custom mirror wall.  We see this type of condo space with the long wall, window at the end with a balcony off the living room in some of our Portland Oregon Condos such as those in The Atwater Condominiums  in South Waterfront and the Pinnacle Condos in the Pearl District or the Benson Towers Condominiums in Downtown Portland.  This would give more natural light and the illusion of more wider space.  The reflection would be great at night too as many of these condos have Portland city views.


     Portland Oregon condos for sale Waterfront Pearl

What a great idea for this condo space at Waterfront Pearl.  This design concept gives a space both a Murphy bed and desk option as many of our Portland condo spaces need to serve many uses. We have many condo studio spaces which this would give room for furniture with tucking the bed away during the day yet allow for desk space.  With some of my clients the second bedroom works as both a guest room plus an office space which this would work great.


The Waterfront Pearl consists of two, 10 story towers, The Mistral & The Azure, both of which are located directly on 500 feet of Willamette River waterfront. These condominium buildings are located on the north end of the Pearl District and a bit northwest of Downtown Portland making this a great location here in Portland Oregon. There are 192 residential condos in this Portland condominium complex. Waterfront Pearl amenities include a fitness center & steam room, 24 hour concierge service, courtyard, beautiful water feature which many of the condos have view of , two guest suites & a conference room. For a complete list of Portland condos for sale at Portland’s Waterfront Pearl click here.


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