Creating space in 700 sq. ft. Portland condos

Portland Condos. Live or looking at purchasing a condo that is 700 sq. ft. or smaller here in Portland? Many of our condos here in Portland Oregon are less than 700 square feet which makes for simple living but also can be a challenge if moving from a larger space.

Here are some great ideas of an article from designing a wonderful home in a smaller condo space. This condo has white walls which we see much of with our condos here in Portland but they use accessory pieces to add interest to this condo such as a bit of bright orange. One of the great ideas in the living room is using a sofa that is a pull out bed as with Portland condos they are typically one bedroom so this gives space for a guest

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What a great idea to create dining space in some of our Portland Condos. Many of our condos here in Portland have floor to windows such as in The Edge Loft condos in the Pearl District, The Eliot condos in Downtown Portland or The Atwater Condos in South Waterfront that have great views but limited living area for a dining area. With this idea you can dine and look at our wonderful Portland views but put the chairs and table away when needing more living area perhaps while entertaining. Many of our Portland Condos have wonderful views of the Portland skyline such as in The Metropolitan Condos or Park Place Condominium in the Pearl District, The Benson Condos or The Eliot Condos in the Downtown cultural district. If river is a view you love Waterfront Pearl Condos next to the Pearl District, The Meriwether in South Waterfront or the Strand condos next to Downtown Portland offer some great Willamette River views. Looking for a Mountain View? Many of our condos here in Portland have wonderful views of Mt. Hood such as Marshall-Wells Condos lofts, The Edge Lofts condos or Streetcar Lofts condos in the Pearl District, The Benson Tower Condos and The Eliot Tower Condos in Downtown or in South Waterfront, The Meriwether Condos, Atwater Condos and the John Ross Condos. Many of these Portland condos on the west side of the buildings have fantastic view of the mountains here in Oregon.

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I really like this office idea using a closet space. We see these kinds of closets in some of our condos such as in The Atwater in South Waterfront or The American Plaza tower in Downtown Portland. Some of these Portland condos have a large closet space which this idea would work great.

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Check out this article from for some great ideas to use with your own Portland condo space. Perhaps if you are currently considering purchasing a condo here in Portland Oregon this will give you inspiration on what you can do with 700 sq. ft. or less of condo space. For a complete search of Portland condos for sale click here.


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