Inner East Portland Townhouses

Portland Condos definition of a townhouse is one of a row of homes sharing common walls usually constructed as a two or three-story unit. The townhouse common area is a form of ownership similar to a condominium project in that the property owner not only owns his or her respective unit, but also an undivided interest in any common area.

Portland townhouses are referred to by numerous names: attached home, townhouse, row houses and occasionally brownstones  

Townhouse ownership sometimes differs from condominium ownership in that the townhouse owner owns the physical structure rather than just the airspace between the floor, walls and ceiling. However, in many areas “townhouse” now refers to the physical style of the home rather than the form of ownership. Townhouses are a good choice for a home owner who doesn’t want the commitment of a single family home, but a condominium doesn’t offer plentiful space or privacy.  The cost per square foot of a townhouse is typically a bit more than a single family home, but less than a condo.  The other advantage home owners enjoy is townhouses typically have an attach garage to their unit unlike condos.

Jill Pereira