Breken Kitchen!

Breken Kitchen!

Portland condos Breken KitchenBreken Kitchen

1800 NW 16th ave
Portland, OR 97209

Breken Kitchen is located between the Pearl District and NW 23rd just steps from  Riverscape  Townhouses, Pacifica Condos and Waterfront Pearl  Condominiums.  Every time I stop by the coffee is wonderful, food is great, the place is clean, the flowers are beautiful, and the atmosphere is lovely.  I have been going for a couple years to meet with clients, friends or just to work on my computer.  In the nice weather, the doors and windows are open bringing the outside in. There is a place for your children to play while you visit or enjoy a cup of tea. The food is very fresh and so tasty. They may have the best Americano ever. You can ask for mild to bold and it is rich and creamy. Here an article from *from the Daily Journal of Commerce, August 29, 2005, by Cody McCullough

Breken Kitchen lives in the Triangle Building which has a long history in Portland.

“Built in 1900 along an existing rail freight spur, the Triangle Building, which is named in reference to its unique shape, was initially used to house extruded wire and wire products and later became Lutz Tire Warehouse No. 3. Until recently the building stood empty, except when it housed several art shows in the mid-1990s for the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.”*

After the recent renovation and complete seismic upgrade, the Triangle Building was awarded Silver LEED certification by the US Green Building Council.

Breken Kitchen moved into this beautiful, historic location in January 2010.

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