Benson Condos awarded $2 million – Portland Condos

Benson Towers Portland CondosBenson Tower Condos in Portland Oregon were awarded $2 million for replacement of Victaulic products in the building. What a relief for many of these Portland condo owners in The Benson Condos!

A.U.S. District Court jury found the valves and gaskets sold to the building’s developer were defective and awarded the Benson Condo association $2,000,000 to cover the expense of replacing the parts. This verdict means much to the condo owners as it means hopefully they will be able to avoid a special assessment. The Benson condos in Downtown Portland was one of four Portland condo buildings that have sued the Pennsylvania based Victaulic Company which sold couplings and valves installed in the condo buildings plumbing system. Each building stated that the parts were disintegrating when exposed to chloramines, a disinfectant used in the Portland water supply. Elizabeth Lofts settled out of court with Victaulic about a year ago. The Edge loft condos in the Pearl District went to trial last June and was awarded $114,000 which was only a portion of the cost as some of the plumbing damage was attributed to other flaws in the building’s plumbing. The Avenue Lofts in the Pearl District is pending currently in U.S. District Court so hopefully we will get some good news for that Portland condo building soon. This is great news for the Benson Condo owners as when a building is in ligation it is very challenging to sell as most lenders will not loan when the home owner association is in ligation. For the past year or so many of these Portland condos have sold for cash which is limiting the marketability of these Portland condo homes. For a complete search of Portland condos for sale click here.


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